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Cyber 411 – Episode 6: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

By October 11, 2022 No Comments

Over the past several months, we have talked about what happens when you get things wrong, what happens when you get things right, the importance of processes, and last month we had a really great talk on awareness training. Now, we are going to talk about what you can do when things that are not in your control affect your business. You know, things like fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes.

We all have things that we rely on to run our businesses. Whether that is a telephone, fax machine, computer, or piece of paper, we all need them to complete our jobs. But what will you do if some or all of that goes away? What will you do if there are 3 feet of snow on the ground and you can’t get into your office? What will you do if your computer dies and you cannot access the files? What will you do if there’s a significant power outage and none of the things you rely on that require electricity simply won’t work?

In this podcast, I am joined by Michelle Epley, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Compliance at the Williston Financial Group. Among other things, Michelle heads up our Business continuity and disaster recovery program at WFG

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