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Cyber 411 – Episode 1 What Happens When it all Goes Wrong

By April 19, 2022 August 13th, 2022 No Comments

We’ve all heard it before, something terrible happens to someone else, and our first thought is it will never happen to me until it does. Cybercrime is an equal opportunity attacker. The criminals do not care if you’re big or small, they do not care what business you’re in, and they do not care how nice of a person you are. They care about one thing, and only one thing, do you have something of value to them. If you do, they are trying to get it. And the bad news is it does cost them anything to try and steal it from you. This episode will examine what happened when a small title company was breached.

This episode was recorded live at WFG Spark22 in Orlando, FL.

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